Apple wins in patent infringement trial against Wi-LAN

RE37,802 patent had been invalid.

. Another patent within the litigation was patent no. District Court for the Southern District involving Florida.
A federal jury in Texas found out that Apple hadn't infringed upon busty brunette any patent associated in order to CDMA and HSPA communications technologies owned by patent-licensing firm Wi-LAN.

Wi-LAN began litigation against several technologies companies pertaining to alleged infringement regarding a couple of associated with its patents within 2011. 5,282,222, associated towards the use regarding Wi-Fi and also LTE, but Apple wasn't accused of infringing the patent.
The jury also found Wednesday that two in the claims involving U.S. patent no. District Court for that Eastern District involving Texas, Marshall division.
Apple wins inside patent infringement trial against Wi-LAN | Macworld
Since filing, six of the seven defendants get signed license and also settlement agreements to resolve your litigation, in accordance with Wi-LAN.
The lawsuit is merely among several filed by simply Wi-LAN against Apple as well as other companies, which includes 1 filed throughout December in U.S.
Wi-LAN within Canada said it was disappointed using the jury"s decision yet will not believe previous license agreements signed associated for the patents are usually negatively impacted by simply the actual decision upon Wednesday through the jury in the U.S

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