Fischer: Performing Gay Marriages At The Grammys Was An 'Abomination' Because Same-Sex Parenting Is 'A ...

In fact, same-sex parenting - I'm going being really similar source site immediate here - same-sex parenting is a kind of kid abuse":

Fischer: Doing Gay Marriages In The Grammys Has Been An 'Abomination' Since Same-Sex Parenting Is Actually 'A Type Of Kid Abuse' | Correct Wing Watch

We can add Bryan Fischer towards the More information along with facts list of anti-gay activists who have got been outraged from the Grammy Awards, while he proclaimed upon his radio present yesterday in which Beyonc?'s opening amount any "complete raunch-fest" that was "inexcusably tawdry" and only served in order to set the tone for your "abomination" associated with seeing numerous gay couples find married later on in the plan throughout a performance of the Read A Lot More Inside this article Macklemore along with Ryan Lewis song "Same Love."
. "If a person care about children," Fischer said, "this factor need to appall you simply because gay marriage is bad regarding children

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